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The surroundings

The Maremma is a large district in southern Tuscany that extends across fertile plains, with silent valleys, beaches edged with pine woods and hills from which all the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park can be admired.

The islands of Elba, Gorgona and Giglio make up the maritime border of the Maremma, the area settled by the Etruscans and the cradle of their civilisation.

The Val di Cornia is the southernmost part of the Province of Livorno in a patch of land that straddles the Livorno Maremma (known once as the Pisa Maremma) and the Grosseto Maremma.

The wine-growing traditions of the valley can be traced back to Etruscan times when, according to all the evidence gathered, the area was covered by countless rows of vines. Such is the influence of that civilisation on the area, it has become known as the “Etruscan Coast”.

The picturesque towns of San Vincenzo, Campiglia Marittima, Castagneto Carducci are here, along with Bolgheri, the procession of cypress trees at San Guido, Suvereto and other small towns too – all waiting to show off their treasures to visitors from near and far.