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Our philosophy

To express the Maremma in a glass of good quality, “healthy” wine that is a pleasure to drink.

The estate

San Vincenzo, a delightful, small seaside town is home to the Podere San Michele, a winery and agritourism in which the history of the area and its people combine with the essence and flavours of the district and permeate the wines produced.

The Socci family bought the property, a working small holding, more than half a century ago although the land was barely productive for the first few decades which meant they were only able to sell wine from the cask. In the mid 1990s however, this changed, thanks largely to the efforts of Luca D’Attoma, a young and talented winemaker destined to have a bright future, who had been working alongside the family from the very beginning. Today in fact, he has earned himself a worldwide reputation.

In 2008, Maurizio Polo took over from D’Attoma, bringing with him years of experience in seeking to produce wines that were increasingly unadulterated and natural that maintained particular organoleptic qualities.